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Bringing your business to Beaverhead County means access to a consistent workforce, easy access to outdoor recreation and the community support necessary to make any business a success. Our low cost of living compared to cities throughout the region makes an attractive option if you are looking at moving to a better lifestyle for you and your family. Beaverhead County prides itself on being a business friendly region and provides a high level of support for entrepreneurs and employees alike. As a business there are numerous local, state and federal tools to help you start and expand your footprint, including grants and low interest loans to support your evolving business needs. There’s a reason that Beaverhead County is home to the headquarters of national companies, regional technology leaders and numerous innovative small businesses: doing business in Beaverhead County leads to success.

Cost of living compare tool


less than Denver


less than Portland OR


Cheaper than Seattle


Cheaper than Dallas

Available Land Parcels

You can check the available land parcels on Dillon on the Montana Governor’s Office Of Economic Development site selector tool.


P. 406-683-1600

P. 406-683-2393

P. 406-683-4373

P. 406-683-8090

P. 406-683-5191

Taxes In Beaverhead County Montana

0% Sales Tax

That’s right there is no sales tax in Beaverhead County

Approx. 0.77%

Property Taxes of Property Values


Montana’s Corporate Income tax

Business Positives

  • Relatively Low Cost of Living
  • Light Regulatory Burden
  • Open Space
  • Lifestyle

Key Industries

  • Extractive Industry
  • Logging
  • Mining
  • Outdoor Recreation


  • 0.00% Unemployment Rate on 2018
  • 0.00% Median Wage on 2018
  • 4264 Population on 2017
  • $225,300 Median Housing Price

Local Employers


Barrett Hospital & Healthcare

Rice Bran Technologies

Union Pacific

Vigilante Electric

Northwestern Energy

Beaverhead County

Express Personnel Services

UM Western

State of Montana

USA Jobs

Business Mentoring

BDC Refers its clients through the SBDC housed within Headwaters RCD. We also offer a variety of networking events and programs targeted to your needs to help you grow and promote your business.

Beaverhead County Land Use and Planning

The Land Use and Planning Department provides technical planning assistance as well as land use and development services in Beaverhead County.