Dillon MT

As the County Seat and largest community in Beaverhead County Dillon is one of the economic and regional hubs in Southwestern Montana. Home to just over 4,000 full time residents Dillon provides all of the benefits of living in a rural community with many opportunities that come from living in Southwestern Montana. Dillon prides itself on being a community that supports it’s schools and children and has a state-leading k-12 program as well as the University of Montana Western, which plays an integral part in the community.


Dillon is home to several grocery stores, a vibrant downtown full of unique, locally owned businesses and larger employers that drive the local economy. With a community pride like no other, Dillon is quickly being discovered as one of the best communities in Southwestern Montana to build your life.

Top Things To Do

Bannack State Park

Beaverhead County Museum

Clarks Lookout

Beaverhead Rock

Continental Divide Trail


Maverick Ski Hill

Hot Springs – Jackson Hot Springs, Elkhorn Hot Springs

Big Hole Valley Winterfest

Montana’s Biggest Weekend

Dinner in the Park

Hiking (beaverhead trails coalition)


The BDC was established in 1999 as a non-profit corporation to work hand in hand with other business minded groups like the Montana Department of Commerce, the Beaverhead County Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture, Headwaters RC&D and Montana Economic Developers Association to build the maintain the very best local economy. Our mission is to promote the economic development activities for Beaverhead County, Montana’s largest county.